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powerQ FAQ

1. Where can I download the powerQ app?

You can download the app at Google Play Store (Android user) and Apple App Store (iPhone user).

2. Where can I use the powerQ app?

For the time being, powerQ is only available to use at Visa, Pass & Permit Division, Immigration Putrajaya.

3. What are the services offered?

The services offered currently are for Social Visit Pass (Extension) , Long-Term Social Visit Pass (Extension - Spouse programme) and Pas Lawatan Ikhtisas (PLIK) services .
1. Long-Term Social Visit Pass (China & Nigeria citizen only) for
- spouse/ widow/ divorcee / children of citizen
- spouse/ widow/ divorcee / children of Permanent Residence
- Senior citizen
- Medical case
- Visa With Reference (VDR)

2. Professional Visit Pass for
- Muslim missionary
- Non-muslim missionary
- Government to Government
- Production crew regulated under FINAS

3. Visa extension.

4. When can I reserve the time slot for the services?

You can reserve the time slot anytime starting 1st October 2018

5. Are there any charges?

There are no charges to use the powerQ app.

6. What if I missed my time slot?

Please be at least 45 minutes to scan the QR code before the time slot. If you missed your time slot, you will have to reserve any available slot again.

7. When can I cancel my reserved time slot?

You can cancel it anytime through the app. We advise you to cancel the booking at least 1 day before the date reserved.

8. What happens if I cancel my booking?

The reserved time slot will be opened and available for the public to see and reserve.

9. When can I start using powerQ?

powerQ will be available starting 1st October 2018

10. Can I book an appointment with a specific officer?

No. powerQ is only for counter services queuing number. Any appointment will subject to an Immigration officer if you are required to do so, related to applications submitted through the counter.

11. I have reserved a time slot and received the QR code. What do I do next?

Please confirm your attendance by scanning the QR code at the kiosk in Visa, Pass & Permit Division, Immigration Putrajaya. Kindly be present to scan at least 15 minutes before your chosen time slot.

12. Where can I view my QR code?

Click "My Slot" to view your QR code and the details of the service's date and time slot.

13. Can I change the time slot after I receive the QR code?

No, you can't. However, you can cancel by clicking "My Slot > Cancel" and select any available time slot again.

14. Why I did not receive any notifications from powerQ app?

Please check your app notification setting in your device. Please enable powerQ app to send notifications to your device.

15. How to leave a feedback?

We will send a feedback form once you have completed your service at Immigration. Alternatively, you may also leave your feedback in the rating section in Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS).

16. What if I did not scan the QR code?

You will not be assigned a number and will not be called by the counter. Kindly arrive at least 15 minutes before your chosen time slot and scan the QR code at the kiosk to receive your queue number.

17. What is the minimum requirement for powerQ to function properly?

You must acquire a smartphone with at least Android Version 4.4 (Kitkat) or iOS 11.

18. What if my phone is not compatible with powerQ?

powerQ required smartphones with at least Android Version 4.4 (Kitkat) or iOS 11 to run. If you don't have any smartphone, kindly proceed to manual number counter.

19. When I scan my QR code, my number isn't printing. What should I do?

Please ensure your smartphone is bright enough for the scanner to be able to scan your QR code.

20. When I scan my QR code, my queue number doesn't print although my smartphone screen has been set to highest brightness.

Kindly approach any officers nearby.

21. Can I ask someone on my behalf to scan my QR code and take the queue number for me?

It is advisable that you are to be present for QR code scanning to avoid any troubles arises for your application submission.

22. After I finished the transaction I made with powerQ app, how can I attend other transaction on the same day?

You are able to select a different service/transaction on a different time on the same day using powerQ app (additional services will be made available in the future).

23. Will I be able to make multiple/different services using one queue number?

No. You will not be able to make a different service apart from what you have chosen using powerQ app.

24. Will there be additional services available to select from powerQ in the future?

Yes, improvement will be done and will subject to changes in the future.